This is the story of Pam and John; she in her early 50’s and John is 62. Pam is a college professor. John taught at a local community college until diagnosed with Parkinson’s in March 2008, then Lewy Body Dementia in April.


Monday, October 5, 2009


I had hoped to move this week but the renovations are not done, so we are currently scheduled to move Oct. 22. So it could be worse, but I need to vent.

I had some landscaping taking care of last week, regrading on both sides of the house so the water flows away from the house and not straight at the driveway. I got beds along the foundation prepared for me at the same time. Saturday the university botanical garden had a plant sale, so I bought a good sized arborvitae (emerald variety), to go near the house between two windows where it looks a bit blank. Then I took John to a funeral of someone he cared about and then went to Atlanta to pick up a chair my daughter and I had ordered.

Yesterday (Sunday) started out with two men coming to move several appliances. I didn't see any need to buy a new washer and dryer and refrigerator, but since there were decent working ones at the new house (from when it was rented to students) I decided to swap now so the refrigerator could be installed along with the new appliances later this week (it needs an icemaker line). The person who was coming to help me clean couldn't come because of an injured foot so I unloaded and cleaned the refrigerator and cleaned behind it and behind the washer and dryer when they moved them. John tried to help a little with the cleaning but he is so slow that his help didn't amount to much. He didn't try to help reload the refrigerator. This morning I had to call the appliance service people--the refrigerator that we moved to our current house isn't cooling properly.

I was left with the job of capping off the icemaker line at the old house, as the refrigerator we moved there doesn't have an icemaker. My first trip to Lowes I came home with a cap that was too big, but John went back and bought a smaller one and that worked.

Meanwhile, I had someone coming to cut down some dead trees. They are cedar trees and the one he started with proved to be hard to cut--he borrowed a splitting maul from me to add to one he was already using to wedge the tree in the right direction. He eventually got it cut but it didn't fall--it is held by vines to two other dead cedars. He was going to come back today with a winch but it is raining.

While he was working on the tree I worked on digging a hole to plant the tree I had bought (ironically also a kind of cedar, but one that grows 12 feet tall and 3 feet wide). The clay soil was the right wetness to dig relatively easily so I dug a really big hole and mixed in composted wood chips and lime and fertilizer. I should have asked for help moving the tree and the 40 pound bag of wood chips, but I had enjoyed doing the digging and doing the whole job right. Not surprisingly my back is sore this morning.

These days I usually move to another bed when John comes to bed and wakes me up with his snoring or crying out or just shifting trying to get himself positioned in bed. So I moved around 4 am last night to my son's room (since he is away at college) and realized the bed was wet because the roof was leaking. I went up and put a bucket in the attic but I didn't get back to sleep. We have been struggling with this roof problem for a couple of years--it was supposedly fixed. I called the realtor who is selling the house and asked him for a recommendation of a really skilled roofer. He said they are either cheap or good and I said I want good.

The good news is that the roof leak in the dormer of the new house does seem to be fixed, though there is still a problem with a downspout backing up. I took my laptop back to the repair place this morning--they supposedly fixed it last week but it isn't fixed.

It is all more than I can bear.


no1daughteroflewydad said...

Hi Pam,

You have so much on your plate, so much to deal with. My heart goes out to you.

take care and best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Pam,

Thank you for posting even when there seem to be so many things demanding your attention simultaneously. I hope things start to go better soon. Good luck with the move in a couple of weeks. Best wishes.