This is the story of Pam and John; she in her early 50’s and John is 62. Pam is a college professor. John taught at a local community college until diagnosed with Parkinson’s in March 2008, then Lewy Body Dementia in April.


Friday, October 23, 2009

house progress

We accepted an offer for our old house today, so that is a huge relief of tension. No major contingencies and closing Nov. 16.

The plan is to move Nov. 2, which is a tight deadline but looks possible.

Here are some pictures:

John's sitting room has a laminate floor and is walk-out to a carport with no step at all.

John's bathroom--the folding grab bar to the right of the toilet is not mounted yet. The toilet seat is a Toto. The wall is blue below the chair rail to make the toilet easier to see.

John's shower:

The controls are outside the shower because the shower head had to be mounted on a cement block wall.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pam,

Congratulations on getting the old house sold and setting a moving date. I can imagine it must be a huge relief, just as you said.

What a lovely color blue for John's bathroom. The study looks light and airy, bound to be comfortable. We used laminate flooring in the kids' rooms; I am so happy with it. It cleans up so easily and has a much warmer feel than tile.

Hang in there these next couple of weeks. Sounds like you could use a break right after the closing. Hope you get a chance to relax before the holidays start busy-ing things up for you.

best wishes,

no1daughteroflewydad said...

Hi Pam,

You have done an amazing job on getting things done. Everything looks perfect for John.

Hope the move goes well. You will be exhausted so take care.

best wishes

Charlotte said...

Pam, on the HGTV show 'bang for your buck' a couple put the faucets for their tub on the frontside an the spout on the backside. I thought it a great idea but the realtor did not. Having the handles for the shower on the outside makes a lot of practical sense - you are not getting wet when turning on or having to lean into the shower to adjust, turn off/on.